Describe mckinnon in the context of the frameworks

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Cyber Crime and Security (2168)

Alleged computer hacker Gary McKinnon of the United Kingdom has publicly admitted to compromising computer systems belonging to NASA and the Department of Defense. Using information from your classroom, additional materials provided by your instructor, and your own independent research, present the impact of these widespread intrusions, and McKinnon's self-proclaimed motivations. Describe McKinnon in the context of the frameworks and theories of cyber-crime and cyber criminals discussed in the classroom. The questions to be researched are the efforts to extradite McKinnon to the United States a political ploy, or are they an important precedent in prosecuting international cyber-crimes? Finally, share what was learned computer security and best practices to make recommendations to prevent similar incidents in the future. Your submission should be a minimum of four pages in length, and it should conform to APA formatting and citation standards. A title page and reference list (APA style) are mandatory, but they will not count toward the four-page requirement.

Reference no: EM131200444

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