Describe intercultural communication competence

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Period 1: Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research


Rovai, Baker, &Ponton, Chapters 1, 2 and 3 to understand ethical research, quantitative and qualitative approaches, and threats to validity:

• Chapter 1- Introduction (include the purpose of research, research traditions, and new trends in research, and chapter review), pp. 1-20.

• Chapter 2- Qualitative Research (include basic concept, research tools, threats to validity, and chapter review), pp. 21-45.

• Chapter 3- Quantitative Research (include basic concepts, quantitative research designs, threats to validity, and chapter review), pp.47-127.

Optional Reading Materials

You can read some sample studies using mixed-methods design and qualitative design:

Bartel-Radic, Anne (2006).Intercultural Learning in Global Teams. Management International Review, 46 (6): 647-677.

Matveev, Alexei (2004). Describing Intercultural Communication Competence: In-Depth Interviews with American and Russian Managers. Qualitative Research Reports in Communication, V: 55-62. Click here for the article.

Project 1: Compare Studies (comp_stds)

• Use the library databases to identify, describe, compare, and critique one published quantitative study and one published qualitative study in a global context regarding the variables that affect employees' organizational commitment.

Provide a comparative assessment of each approach for investigating these aspects of organizations. Specifically, what are the advantages and problems with each approach as shown on each study?

• Format: Anticipated length is about 9 pages (double space), APA style.

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Reference no: EM13852359

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