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Select one (1) composition by Tchaikovsky that you enjoy.

Describe the music and subject matter and explain why you enjoy it. Explain the reasons compositions by Tchaikovsky are popular with contemporary orchestras and audiences.

Here are some websites to help you: Audio of musical compositions on Tchaikovsky webpage , Kennedy Center Website at Video clip of Tchaikovsky (1812 Overture) at

Compare the ways men are represented in two paintings by Eakins, The Gross Clinic and The Agnew Clinic, to the ways women are represented in these paintings. Refer to the text or a website as part of your post.

Compare the depiction of women in these paintings by Thomas Eakins with women in paintings by Mary Cassatt, including details from one specific Cassatt painting that you find in our text or a web site.

Describe how you think Cassatt would have portrayed these women if she had painted the surgeries.

Whose work do you prefer and why? Here are some websites to help you: National Museum of Women in the Arts at National Gallery of Art (search by artist name) at

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Reference no: EM13871723

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