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1. Provide an overview of tasks and key work activities (meetings, training, presentations, etc.) in which you were engaged during the week, with sufficient detail for your instructor to understand what you were involved in.

2. How did the projects in which you were involved demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and abilities in meeting your selected program competencies?

3. Have you implemented any changes this week in your approach to interpersonal communication, collaboration, project/time management or other aspects as a result of your experiences from the prior week? (N/A for Week One)

4. Reflect on your experiences during the current week and:

a. Describe key challenges (problems, issues, etc.) you encountered during the current week

b. Describe how you identified/evaluated options for handling those challenges

c. Describe how you resolved/overcame the challenge(s)

d. What aspects of prior coursework and/or work experiences helped you in identify/evaluating options and developing resolutions?

e. Were there any aspects of the situation(s) - either the problems themselves or the resolutions/outcomes - that were contrary to your assumptions or expectations based on what you have learned during coursework?

f. What did you learn as a result of this experience? What might you do differently in future to either minimize the chance of occurrence or in your approach to resolving/overcoming?

Reference no: EM13778704

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