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This discussion is an opportunity to analyze the impact that technological competency has on your own professional development. Consider that the role of the classroom teacher is the crucial factor in the full development and use of technology adoption in schools. As a result, to reach the goal of preparing teachers for effective technology use, a well-designed professional development program is essential. Professional development as it relates to best practices of technology use in the classroom must be viewed as an ongoing and integral part of teachers' professional lives.

Initial Post: Reflect back on all that you have learned from this course and create an initial post that includes the following components:

Construct a list of the top three concepts, skills, and/or resources, that you have gained in this course and that are most relevant to your current or anticipated professional role. These could be knowledge, skills, or attitudes related to the course topic, related to your abilities as a graduate student, or other relevant learning for you professionally that has come from this course experience. Include a brief description of each item in your list.

Describe how technology enhances instruction in the classroom and your current and/or anticipated professional role.

Discuss how technology supports differentiated learning experiences for a variety of learners and their unique needs.

Reference no: EM13866449

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