Describe how exposure to the toxicant is possible
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Research and identify an environmental or occupational toxicant that effects either the respiratory, immune, or hepatic system. Research and discuss the following:

Explain the normal function of the system and what makes it susceptible to toxicity.

Describe how exposure to the toxicant is possible.

Analyze the acute and/or chronic effects of the toxicant.

Describe recent concerns about the toxicant (within the last two years) and any actions taken to reduce the toxicant in the environment or reduce occupational exposure to the toxicant.

Your research paper should meet the following requirements:

Address all of the above mentioned aspects in the discussion.

The paper should be a minimum of three pages in length, not including title and reference pages.

Utilize at least four credible references no more than five years old.

Utilize proper APA formatting and citations.

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