Describe foreign purchase to protect american manufacturing

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1. Think about one choice you made in the past several days and explain how this could be analyzed using economics concepts such as tradeoffs, opportunity costs, and marginal analysis

2. Globalization is becoming very important in economic discussions. Describe a recent foreign purchase and whether it is better to source from overseas or should tariffs be in place to protect American manufacturing.

Reference no: EM13199580

Explain why current account deficit must be financed

The United States is a debtor nation, just like the poorest states in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. For most of the past 30 years the United States has been piling up lar

Value of an asset

Assume Bill and Hillary notice values are higher in high rent districts. Bill says it's because high rents cause high values. Hillary says its because high values cause high r

How is it possible for all of these goods and services

Each day millions of Americans purchase millions of goods and services. These goods and services are generally readily available, as long as you have the necessary money to pu

Privatizing the u.s. money supply

Would it be possible to privatize the money supply in the United States completely? In doing so, what would be the primary obstacle to overcome in implementing such a polic

Multiple choice - comparative advantage

An rise in the Federal minimum wage to $7.25 per hour from $5.15 a hour, suppose that the $7.25 is an effective price floor and that all other things remain steady,

Discuss potential diversity issues

Suppose you have been assigned the task of making the process for the selection, establishment and facilitation and evaluation parameters for a global team that will consist o

What are the effects on the exchange rate in pound and yen

Using demand and supply analysis to assistyou, what are the effects on the exchange rate between the British pound and the Japanese yen from: a decrease in Japaneseinterest

Analyze issues relating to corporate social responsibility

Analyze the issues relating to ethics and corporate social responsibility for an organisation. You also evaluate strategies used by organisations to develop appropriate pro


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