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Describe two examples of a business process from your professional experience. For each process, follow this format and number your sections for each example as you clearly state the following: The objective. The scope (where the process begins and ends). A brief description of those involved. (Is this a one-person process, or do multiple people get involved?) How BPM would help in this process.

Reference no: EM131372607

Contemplating relocation of hospitals xray facility

An administrator of a small hospital is contemplating a relocation of a hospitals xray facility. Currently, the xray department is located such that only two patients can be w

Technology would be required to use self-tagging

Grocery stores and Home Depot have been using self-checkout lanes for several years. What kind of information technology would be required to use self-tagging, where passenger

Use metrics to drive performance

In the unit readings, you explored Cohen and Roussel's "Discipline 5: Use Metrics to Drive Performance." For this discussion, explore your organization's relationship to the c

Management compensation is heavily based on stock-incentives

"The Logos Corp. operates in a complex, rapidly changing industry. Its CEO has recently resigned unexpectedly and the board is re-considering its makeup. A lot of the firm's s

What are the key activities of close project or phase

What are the key activities of Close Project or Phase? Why is formal acceptance and closure such an important output of the closing processes? What is the purpose of lessons l

Old paid part-time intern for consultants

Burt is a New York City resident and Senior Vice President for Marketing for Consultants, Inc. What do you advise Burt about whether the Statute of Frauds applies to this agre

Annual cost of termminal fees

Terminal fees of $290 per take-off. Southwest airlines plans to offer three flights a day, every day of the year, in each direction. What would be the annual cost of termminal

Create your market forecast and social media advice

The Dog House is a small business that specializes in dog boarding services. The company has been doing well over the last 4 or 5 years but company growth has begun to plateau


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