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Go to Guilford's model of the thinking process, Kirton's short article on "Paradigm Width", Jablokow's (2007) article on "The Substance of Our Styles". Then respond to the following questions, using these references to support and illustrate your comments:

1. Describe divergent thinking and convergent thinking as originally defined by Guilford. How does the popular view of divergent and convergent thinking differ from this original (and sounder) definition?

2. Discuss the impact of different levels and A-I styles on both divergent and convergent thinking - i.e., how does the divergent thinking of a high level, moderate adaptor differ from the divergent thinking of a lower level, high innovator (for example)? Be sure to cover the full range of level (from low to high) and the full range of A-I style (from highly adaptive to highly innovative) in your discussion. The general length expectation for this task is 3 - 4 pages, double-spaced.

Additional information-

This problem belongs to Management Theories and it's about Gilford's model of thinking process. In Gilford's Divergent Thinking and Convergent Thinking, he says that it's the ability to assess one's memory along with the external knowledge. A person with divergent thinking can associate a lot of things with one object. But, a person with convergent thinking might not associate with as many things as a divergent thinker.

Word limit- 800-1000.

Reference no: EM13826451

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