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Question :.Address the following in 4-5 pages: ?Research and explain the level of planning that went into the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11.

- How much time was spent planning? Explain.

- Where did the funding come from, and how was it used? Explain.

- Describe and explain the purpose of the activities that were conducted during this planning phase.

- Trace the use of bombing as a terrorist tactic from the mid-1950s (Algeria) to modern-day suicide bombings. ?What types of bombs were used in 1950s in Algeria? Explain.

- Where were those types of bombs typically placed? Why? Explain.

- What are the common targets for suicide bombers? Explain.

- Why is suicide bombing such an effective tactic to spread fear? Explain in detail.

- In what ways do kidnapping and/or assassination have their place in the terrorist toolbox? Explain. ?What unique outcomes can result from the kidnapping or assassination of key political or social figures? Explain.

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Reference no: EM13761020

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