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Describe an important problem faced by society today (e.g. income equality, gun violence,  online privacy). Provide your own analysis by asking-and answer - a relevant question from at least the domains of thinking.  In your answers, apply at least three intellectual standards and explain why they are important in this context. Also explain why each question is either a question of fact, preference, or judgment. 

In one paragraph, at the end of your paper, reflect on your analysis of the problem that you selected. Describe how your consideration of this problem demonstratedemonstrate deep learning. 

Your response should be at least the pages in length,  double spaced,  and in times new Roman 12 pt. You are required to use at least your text book and one scholarly article from any database within the csu online library as a source material for your response.  All sources used,  including the textbook,  must be referenced;  paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in APA format.The title page and reference page do not count toward the three page minimum. 

Reference no: EM131031457

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