Describe a few ways that javascript can be used maliciously

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Describe a few ways that JavaScript can be used maliciously. What is a cookie and how can developers use/code them? How are cookies sent? What are the security implications of cookies? Describe terms, methods and other components you learned in this week's lesson.

How can cookies be advantageous versus disadvantageous and not secure? 

Reference no: EM13997143

Briefly describe copyright public domain and fair use

Briefly describe copyright, public domain, and fair use. Provide a unique example of fair use. Provide an example of when copyright would be violated. Be sure to include atl

Web based scams

Web phishing, pharming and vishing are popular web based scams. Talk about currently used tools and recommended measures to defeat this kind of attacks efficiently?

Identify the three most widely used browsers

Identify the three most widely used browsers. Identify methods for dealing with cross-browser compatibility. Reflect on the importance of standards compliance (or non-complian

Starting structure for development of all static web page

Create a static Web page that includes the basic structure of a valid HTML (not XHTML) document. Make sure to include the language attribute of the html element and the char

Design your own simple and unique web application form

Create your own simple and unique Web application form. The form should include at least 2 different input types such textfield, textarea, radio button, check box, select (d

Changing the layout of an html page through css

CSS is a very powerful tool for converting the way a page is displayed. It is extremely flexible and permits the designer to deliver HTML code to many devices without changing

Provide a critical evaluation of the nominated website

COIT 20268 - Responsive Web Design (RWD). The purpose of the report is to provide a critical evaluation of the nominated website and to support your observations and comments

Compare and contrast the usability of a website

Some Websites use breadcrumb control in Web pages to help an end user navigate a Website. Compare and contrast the usability of a Website that uses a breadcrumb trail heuris


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