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Nikhil Goyal is a successful high school student who, like many students his age, hates school. But unlike most students his age, Nikhil wrote a speech about it and delivered it to a global audience via a TEDX Youth (2012) presentation. The central theme of the presentation is relevance and, specifically, how schools often lack relevance to the lives of their learners. The majority of Nikhil's story focuses on Nick Perez, a boy who was marginalized in school and medicated to be able to adhere to the parameters of thought and behavior expected for participation in the school. As you view the presentation, you will learn how Nick became disillusioned by the lack of relevancy and interest in his studies and how his disenfranchisement eventually led him to drop out of school.

In this assignment, you will reflect on the story of Nick Perez and analyze it based on what might have happened differently if Nick's education targeted the learning of 21st century skills through culturally relevant learning opportunities. Additionally, you will recommend a culturally relevant learning experience that might have been able to meet Nick's needs in high school. Review the Instructor Guidance for this week for additional information and use the Ladson-Billing (1995) resource and Chapter 4 of Wardle (2013) to define a culturally relevant learning experience; apply this framework to the creation of solutions. Then, create your formal written assignment to meet the content and written communication expectations stated below.

Content Expectations

1. Video Analysis: Address the following five guiding statements:

a. Describe a culturally relevant learning experience in which Nick could have participated within his early high school years that may have been able to successfully meet his academic and personal needs.

b. Using Nick's interest in computers as a form of his cultural identity, describe the cultural competencies that were most likely taught and/or applied within Nick's school (i.e., not the computer camp, but the school system that Nick eventually left).

c. Examine the 4C skills (a) creativity and innovation, (b) critical thinking and problem solving, and (c) communication and collaboration that are presented in Learning and Innovations Skills. Determine which of these skills you perceive are most likely relevant to Nick's current position as a programmer in an advertising firm and which of these skills you perceive are not adequately addressed in typical classroom environments today.

d. Evaluate the relationship between the cultural competencies identified above in item two and the learning and innovation skills described in item three, and then consider whether cultural competencies are represented in the 21st century skills. Describe in what ways.

e. Explain how the acquisition of learning and innovation skills through culturally relevant learning opportunities can lead to greater student success in the classroom and in the real world.

2. Cultural Competencies References: Reference cultural competencies in your response to the Video Analysis guiding statements. Include examples using at least one of the following four characteristics:

a. Awareness of one's own cultural worldview (including biases)

b. Knowledge of different cultural practices and worldviews

c. Positive attitudes and open-mindedness toward cultural differences

d. Ability to work successfully with others from different cultures

3. Culturally Relevant Learning References: Reference culturally relevant instruction in your response to the Video Analysis guiding statements. Reflect strategies that align with this approach and include at least one of the following nine areas:

a. Maximizing academic success through relevant instructional experiences

b. Addressing cultural competence through reinforcing students' cultural integrity

c. Involving students in the construction of knowledge

d. Building on students' interests and linguistic resources

e. Tapping home and community resources

f. Understanding students' cultural knowledge

g. Using interactive and constructivist teaching strategies

h. Examining the curriculum from multiple perspectives

i. Promoting critical consciousness through opportunities to challenge predominant elements of the students' social norms

4. 21st Century Skills Framework: Reference 21st century skills in your response to the Video Analysis Questions to reflect the framework developed by the Partnership for 21st Century Learning.

Reference no: EM13776780

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