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Question 1. In a survey of children who saw three different shows at Walt Disney World, the subsequent information was gathered: 39 children liked The Little Mermaid, 43 children liked 101 Dalmatians, 56 children liked Mickey Mouse, 7 children liked The Little Mermaid
and 101 Dalmatians, 16 children liked 101 Dalmatians and Mickey Mouse, 10 children liked The Little Mermaid and Mickey Mouse, 4 children liked The Little Mermaid, 101 Dalmatians, and Mickey Mouse, 6 children did not like any of the shows.

Answer the given questions:

How many liked The Little Mermaid only?

How many students were surveyed?

How many liked Mickey Mouse only?

How many liked 101 Dalmatians only?

Question 2: The table below shows the number of accidents each year at a particular road junction:

a. Work out the mean, mode and median for the values above.

b. A road safety group wants to get the council to make this junction safer. Which measure will they use to argue for this?

Question 3 Derive the Boolean Expression and prepare the switching circuit for the truth table stated.

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