Derive the average power of the waveform and rms value

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A triangular periodic signal g(t) has an average value of zerovolts, peak to peak magnitude of 20 volts and a period T = 2seconds.
Derive the average power of this waveform.
Derive its rms value.

Reference no: EM13294056

Find the magnitude of the current supplied by the source

Two Loads are in parallel with a 2000 Volt sinusoidal source.Load 1 draws 40 Amps at 0.5 lagging power factor. Load 2 draws 15Amps at 0.8 leading power factor. (a) Make a ta

The second piola kirchhoff stress as a function of a

Venant-Kirchhoff material properties are given as E = 600 MPa and ν = 0.49, write the expression of the S12 component of the second Piola-Kirchhoff stress as a function of α.

Determine the rms values of the currents and voltages

Consider the circuit shown in Figure which has Rs = 0.5Ω, RL = 1000Ω, and N1/N2 = 0.1. Determine the rms values of the currents and voltages with the switch open.

Calculate work required to apply force over given distance

Let's say that an object covers a distance of 3 m in 5 seconds under constant acceleration. Use kinematics equations and Newton's second law to calculate the following: a) t

Determine the displacement at the middle of the bar

For the bar fixed at both ends and subjected to the uniformly distributed loading shown in Figure, determine the displacement at the middle of the bar and the stress in the ba

Calculate min number of pn bits required for each frequecy

Calculate the minimum number of PN bits required for each frequency hop for an FHSS system that employs a total bandwidth of 800 MHz and an individual channel bandwidth of 2

A chemical tower has a liquid

In a processing plant, a chemical tower has a liquid which is vaporized. However, if the vapor in the tower reaches 150°C, an alarm needs to be generated so that safe shutdown

Should all problems be overcome with more engineering

Should new methods have been employed to solve the fissured rock problem, rather than relying on technology (the grout curtains) that the bureau had experience with at other


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