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Discussion : "Your Portfolio"

Please respond to the following:

Your portfolio will demonstrate what you have learned and how you apply the knowledge you have learned to the educational environment. Determine a guiding theme / focus (e.g., assessment, diversity, technology use, instructional design, instructional methods, and so on) for your portfolio.

Propose at least three (3) pieces of evidence / artifacts from other courses and / or your work environment that you could include in your portfolio to demonstrate the knowledge and skills related to your chosen portfolio theme that you obtained during your M.Ed. Program coursework. Justify your response.

From the e-Activity, speculate on the substantive manner in which the evidence / artifacts you selected in Part 1 of this discussion meet Strayer University M.Ed. Program competencies, as well as your personal and professional goals in education. Justify your response.


Review the "Strayer University School of Education's program competencies for the Master of Education degree.pdf" Be prepared to discuss.

Reference no: EM132280008

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