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Prior to engaging in this discussion please read the "Multiple Intelligences" article.Traditionally, someone who is intelligent is defined as an individual who can solve problems, use logic to answer questions, and think critically. However, psychologist Howard Gardner has created a much broader definition of intelligence.

Demonstrate an understanding of intelligence and learning in the framework of Gardner by comparing and contrasting the traditional definition of intelligence (IQ) with multiple intelligences. Thinking critically about these difference, comment on how Gardner's ideas might change the way some assess a person's strengths and weaknesses. Do these ideas significantly affect this type of evaluation? Apply the principles of multiple intelligences (MI) to the following questions:

If you were to assign one of the multiple intelligences to yourself, what would it be, and why?

Which of the MIs do you think are most valued by schools and society? Why?

On what evidence, including personal experiences, do you base your opinions?

If work environments recognized multiple intelligences, how might training, counseling, or classroom activities be revised to address these principles?

How might an understanding of multiple intelligences change the ways in which you view your own abilities? Why, or why not?

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Reference no: EM13941569

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