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Learning Team Assignment: User Manual and Presentation

Submit your User Manual Assignment: The user manual should be 15-20 pages and should demonstrate your ability to provide clear, concise, accurate, and coherent written communication. The manual should be targeted towards first time students who are being introduced for the first time to the item you selected. The user manual should contain the following items:

o Table of contents

o Written instructions for accessing, navigating, and using

o Visual elements (e.g. images, flowcharts, tables, or other graphic items such as screenshots)

o Appropriate headings

o Legible font selections

o Effective page layout including the order of information, use of whitespace, highlighting, and appropriate headings,

o Metadata

o Headers and footers

Submit a 7-10-slide PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker notes, which presents your team's user manual to a management audience. Your presentation should include the following:

o Introduction, body, and conclusion

o Effective headings and graphics

o Easy to read fonts and appropriate contrast

o Appropriate slide design and layout including amount of information and use of white space

Reference no: EM13808872

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