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Selection and Procurement [APA formatted paper with title page and Running Head]

Write a 2-3 page paper defining and discussing selection and procurement. Examine the selection and procurement activities of an owner-manager of a restaurant and of a hotel. Describe how restaurants and hotels are different in purchasing and how they are alike. As an additional consideration, what are the ethical considerations/ramifications of product specification for a buyer in either.

Reference no: EM131028993

Mid-sized hammer factory to advise management team regarding

Scenario: Imagine that you are an economist, and that you have been hired by a mid-sized hammer factory to advise the management team regarding how many hammers they should ma

Define the term e-business

1. Define the term e-business. 2. Define supply chain and list the activities that are involved. 3. Write a short essay that describes e-supply chain management in detail.

Technological advancements and challenges

In a departure from its normal business operations Apple has recently teamed up with a bio-tech company to investigate the possibility of cloning human organs. You have been t

Distinguish between tax avoidance and tax evasion

How aggressively should corporations seek to avoid taxes? Is it morally acceptable to set up legal and financial structures for the sole purpose of avoiding taxes? How can we

Pictures of children without clothes on daddys computer

As a detective with the 15th Precinct, you have been assigned to a case in which Janet Smith claims that her 5-year old son told her that he saw "pictures of children without

Average inventory-annual carrying cost for current situation

As the logistics representative on a manufacturer’s sales team, you have been asked to quantify the benefits that can be sold to a customer using more consistent service and t

Uniform standard of business ethics

Quick Meal is an international fast-food chain that operates in many countries. Company management wants to apply a uniform standard of business ethics, modeled after U.S. pra

Different types of personal power

Different types of “Personal Power”. Identify and explain the four primary sources of personal power.   In your experience/opinion, which of these four sources is most importa


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