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Dear MKT 305 students, As previously mentioned, the customer must be precisely defined before we begin the targeting process. One technique often used to accomplish this task is defined as a "target audience description" . More specifically, the marketing professionals describe a typical customer. Please think of a product or service that you would to market. Please think of the "Peoria Eats Shops Plays" website and app that we are helping to market for our project. To describe the customer, please answer the questions listed below in one to two paragraphs. A description is included below to help you complete this assignment. To write a target audience description we will, in essence, pluck a person from the pool that makes up our potential market and describe this person in substantial detail. To bring this person to life for the people who are charged with creating value for him or her, we will include a name, a habitat, revealing behaviors, and consumption habits. *it may help to do the week 5 summary before this assignment

1. What are you naming this person? The presence of a specific customer name as opposed to a generic category description is key to an effective target audience description. If chosen carefully, this name will automatically communicate important nuances about the target that might not be conveyed otherwise. Very often his name becomes a life point of reference for people throughout the organization when they’re making decisions such as, What would John Doe think of this packaging?

2. What is this person's habitat? It is important to construct a clear picture of where our target lives and works; the more revealing details the better. For example, a description of a Mini Cooper customer might reveal that the refrigerator is covered with pieces from a magnetic poetry kit, whereas the Ford Explorer customer has a refrigerator covered with artwork created by her three children.

3. What are some revealing behaviors? Does she walk the dog or simply let it out in the backyard? Does he keep and file his utility bills or throw them out after paying them? These types of specific behaviors say a great deal about the type of customer we are targeting.

4. What are some consumption habits? The products and services that our target customer already consumes provides another set of insights into his or her character. Does she own a hybrid or a Hummer? Does he have a Mac or a Dell?

Reference no: EM131147461

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