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Ethics Paper - My Chosen Profession

Each student is to present a two-page paper regarding her or his current or anticipated career choice.

During the undergraduate years, one of the most significant business decisions is the question of career path and job choice. Not only does this decision impact many subsequent life paths and choices, it also represents a critical point at which the young professional makes a decision connecting personal values, ethics and the question of the whether the choice is ethical (i.e., of value and worthy of one's life).

The paper must follow this format and is to be no longer than two (2) pages double-spaced.

1. Define your career choice and the specific company in which you will practice that career. (For the purpose of this paper, each student must choose a career and company setting. Example - retail sales and Walmart or retail sales and Nordstrom.) One Paragraph

2. Explain your core values and the core values of your chosen career and company.
One Paragraph

3. Interview two relevant business professionals (not a student) and ask the question: How do you know that your current position respects your core values? Present their answers. One Paragraph

4. Explain in detail ethical challenges inherent in your industry/company of choice and how you know that your chosen position will enable you to respect and serve your core values. 2 paragraphs

My major is management in college so please choose something related to that, as I will graduate with a Business management major degree and a company in Los Angeles or San Diego.

For the interview, paragraph, choose your own two relevant business professionals whom you asked in your life before the questions listed as u need to talk a paragraph about this part.

Reference no: EM131029171

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