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Question: During this course you will design a program for a state university. The university needs a website design that will enable students to order books online. Each week you will receive additional instructions for the elements of the design based on the needs of the university. The elements will correspond with the concepts and skills you learn that week.

According to the university's website design request, students need to order five books, one for each of the five required courses that all students take. You need to design a program that will prompt students for the price of each book and display the total cost for the five books.

Create a 1- to 1 3/4-page document listing the steps needed to solve the problem using an algorithm, including the following:

• Identify the input needed

• Define what the input must do (i.e., the process)

• Show what the output must produce

Create a 1/2- to 1-page document of your pseudocode based on the algorithm, including the following:

• Write the pseudocode statement(s) for the input

• Write the pseudocode statement(s) for the process

• Write the pseudocode statement(s) for the output

Create a 1-page flowchart based on the algorithm, including the following:

• Mark the program's starting point

• Represent the input steps in the program

• Represent the process steps in the program

• Represent the output steps in the program

• Mark the program's ending point

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Reference no: EM132280505

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