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This website has a number of requirements which are detailed in the table below; completion of these requirements will attract a MAXIMUM of a CREDIT for the final assignment.

Higher grades may only be awarded to work that shows more than the basic requirements. HOWEVER, if you created other pages not mentioned here and you DID NOT fulfil the requirements first, these pages will not be included in the marking!

This website assignment consists of two parts:
• Website design documentation (design phase)
• Website creation(development phase)

To assist students in time-managing these assignments, they will be required to complete parts of each of the 2 assignments in certain weeks. Instructions regarding the upload of documents will be clearly shown in the worksheets for those weeks


Students are expected to hand in their own work. Very general design documents make it easy for others to pass them off as their own. It is in the students' best interest to make sure that there are sufficient specific details contained in their work that would make it difficult for others to use the work as their own. Any suspicion of plagiarism will be thoroughly investigated and, if proven, dealt with in accordance with the University's policy on Plagiarism.

Website content requirements

Although you will learn that Content Inventory and Categorisation and Labelling are part of the design phase, this work has already been partially done for you. Below you will find some of the content identification for the web pages that you are to create for your website. The Content Inventory is still required of you, although hints as to what would be needed are also given in the table following.

Attachment:- website-creation.docx

Reference no: EM13313985

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