Define the term budget and how are budgets used in planning

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1. Define the term budget. How are budgets used in planning?

2. Define control. How are budgets used to control?

3. Explain how both small and large organizations can benefit from budgeting.

4. Discuss some reasons for budgeting.

Reference no: EM131342374

Why are transfer prices necessary

‘‘An action that is optimal for a division may not be optimal for the company as a whole.'' Explain. Why are transfer prices necessary? In what sense is the word price i

What is choi cost of new common stock

The Choi's Company's next expected dividend, D1, is $3.18; its growth rate is 6 percent; and its stock currently sells for $36. New stock can be sold to net the firm $32.40

Explain why the yield on a convertible bond is lower than

General Electric has just issued a callable 10-year, 6% coupon bond with annual coupon payments. The bond can be called at par in one year or anytime thereafter on a coupon pa

Foreign exchange markets over the next year

You are the CFO of a U.S. firm with a wholly owned subsidiary in Mexico that manufactures component parts for your U.S. assembly operations. The subsidiary has been financed

Project net cash flows for years

Costs are equal to 20% of the same yearsales. The project net working capital is equal to 10% of the next year's revenue. The tax-rate is 35%. What are the project's net cas

Global exchange rates and forward contracts

Given the global financial crisis of 2007-2009, do you anticipate any changes to systems of fixed exchange rates and forward contracts in near future?

What price must the division charge in order to break even

The division has fixed costs of $10,000 per month, and it expects to sell 42,000 strips per month. If the variable cost per strip is $2.00, what price must the division char

Is the gbp trading forward at a premium or discount

Calculate the forward points given by the spot rate of USD1.5500/GBP and the six month forward rate of USD1.5600/GBP. Is the GBP trading forward at a premium or discount rel


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