Define the role that penalties play in a compliance program

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Introduction To Education and Training

It is often difficult to remember that you know things that others don't. As a manager, you are responsible to assure that those who report to you have the appropriate and necessary knowledge to do the job expected from them and that they are protected from making errors through ignorance. Not everyone begins at the same level of knowledge when accepting responsibilities in a health care provider. Some have come fresh from school, while others come from previous experience in health care providers. Either one may come with incomplete or incorrect knowledge and practices. It is best that your facility provide quality training to ensure that they know what is the correct and proper method and process for compliance.


To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:

• Set forth the components of policy development.
• Establish the purpose of creating policies and procedures.
• Itemize the roles that policies play in the compliance program.
• Define the role that penalties play in a compliance program.
• List the various types of training programs.
• Itemize the six components of a training program.
• Differentiate the learning styles of adults.
• Understand the importance of motivating your audience.
• Define the reasons why staff should be educated about reporting non-compliance.


Answer the following questions:

1. Pick a law or regulation from any of the previous chapters of the text and write a complete policy.

2. Remember a time when you were a customer/patient and experienced an incompetent employee. Did you report that incident? Should you have reported it?

Case Study Assignment

Please read and choose one of the following case studies:

Case study on page 143 of your textbook.

Provide an explanation for the choice you made. Your paper must address the following:

Address problem of the case decision
A thorough analysis including resources
Detailed comprehensive realistic recommendation
Supplements with extensive compelling evidence from legitimate sources
Sources cited correctly in the body of the case and reference page


"July2007: In Florida, a doctor was sentenced to 78 months in prison and ordered to pay %504,000 in restitution and forfeit and additional $705,000 after a jury found her guilty on all counts of an 89 count indictment including 44 charges of health care fraud. The female physician who practices dermatology, billed Medicare as if she performed highly complex surgical closure procedures when she actually only preformed simple surgical stitches or no procedure at all" (

Attachment:- Lecture_Notes.pdf

Reference no: EM131388498

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