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This is an actual case that ended badly but it is an interesting case.


Edward is an Amish individual about 30 years of age. He Is experiencing hallucinations, hears voices and partakes in extreme religiosity. Ed has periods of lucidity but his psychotic episodes have been increasing in number and duration. His religious cohorts have convinced him that he Is possessed and to shun modem medicine in favor of church rituals.

Ed has become increasingly aggressive toward his wife and children, convinced he is being guided by the voices of demons. He has been involuntarily hospitalized on two occasions and has been diagnosed as Schizophrenic. Ed is currently out of the hospital and un-medicated at this time, preferring to let his church conduct ritualistic healings on his behalf. His family has removed Ed from the household out of fear of his increasing delusions and aggressive behavior.

1. Define the disorder; causes and symptoms

2. Briefly discuss the historical and theoretical perspectives of this disorder

3. Discuss the cultural aspects and influences of this case.

4. Discuss treatment options and possible outcomes for this individual.

Reference no: EM131341040

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