Define part of theology that technically known as theodicy

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Question: Choose one of the following topics and submit your response.Length: 500-750 words, double spaced, 12 pt. fontNote: Do not use external sources for this essay. The book chapters and the corresponding power point presentations should be sufficient.

1. Define the part of theology that is technically known as theodicy. Pick an example of extraordinary evil in the world and present it briefly. Use your example to explain the relevance of the problem of theodicy. Why is theodicy said to be more central to monotheistic religions than to other forms of religion?

2. What role does salvation play in religion, both for the individual and the whole community? Give an example of how an individual can perceive salvation and explain the ways he/she follows in order to attain it (for example, you can explain how a Buddhist perceives nirvana and seeks to achieve it by following the way of meditation).

Reference no: EM132184248

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