Define intellectual property in cyberspace

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Intellectual Property in Cyberspace

Do you know people who download "free" music from the Internet, "borrow" software from others to load on their machine, or copy movies?

Develop a one-page poster in Word or PowerPoint for a public service campaign to educate people about intellectual property rights of cyberspace for some aspect in your readings from this week. Include at least 3 valid points in your poster. Participate in giving feedback to others' efforts.


Reference no: EM13328152

Automating compliance with federal information security

Automating Compliance with Federal Information Security Requirements," on page 115 of the text Information Security: Contemporary Cases. Also, you will be creating a Power

Discuss limitations, omissions,or technical flaws

An abstract where you state what you have done, what is the contribution of the paper to the literature and what is the significance of that contribution (200-300 words).

Find one example of password protocols in microsoft product

Find one example of password protocols in Microsoft product and discuss its security or insecurity with your colleagues. If possible, install one of the available cracking t

Discuss some of the problems nats create for ipsec security

Discuss some of the problems NATs create for IPsec security. (See [Phifer 2000]). Can we solve these problems by using IPv6? Why deployment of IPv6 has been slow to date. Wh

Explain the purpose of the law

Also, don't forget to keep up with references to include on the powerpoint. note: I'm a member in group of the persons .My part is 6 slides.So. the slides must just have inf

Summarize the primary vulnerabilities and potential threats

Summarize the primary vulnerabilities and potential threats that exist for GCI related to the practice of storing sensitive data on laptops. In your opinion, which of the ri

Design an algorithm to achieve the byzantine agreement

Design an algorithm to achieve the Byzantine Agreement for the case that there are four processes, amongst which one is corrupted. You should not use public key cryptography

How to cracking passwords without salt

Cracking Passwords with Salt on Linux.  Recently, an associate of yours got access to an Ubuntu Linux server. You  suspect users of this system (UST students) have a strong


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