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Question: Develop a lesson plan for a preschool using Vygotsky's ZPD. In an evaluative paragraph, describe how these lessons would be explained by Piaget using his view of development. Use of APA format for this assignment is limited to references only. 600 or more words. The response must be typed, single spaced, must be in times new roman font (size 12) and must follow the APA format.

Reference no: EM132184786

Efficient-effective strategies for partnering-communicating

What are some efficient and effective strategies for partnering and communicating with your suppliers? Make answer as brief as possible.

Regression analysis between sales and advertising

A regression analysis between sales ( in $1000) and advertising ( in $100) resulted in the following least squares line: = 75 + 6x. This implies that if advertising is $800, t

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What major governmental changes do you see occurring in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, for instance? Were they democratic, authoritarian, communist, capitalist?

Physiological components of physiological psychology

Many Americans believe that they are overweight, by a few pounds to a few hundred pounds. Because of this, weight loss systems are big business. For this assignment, you are

Explain and describe feminist literary theory

In at least a one-page, single-spaced Word document, explain and describe Feminist Literary Theory. In the last 1/4 of your page, briefly apply Feminist Literary Theory to a

What emotional consequences might thelma experience

Did Thelma do the right thing by revealing her knowledge of her father's drug use to her mother? Explain why. What behavioral and emotional consequences might Thelma experienc

How to let people that spend a whole day in shopping mall

base on the location of the shopping mall, according to the citizen around to design the shopping mall, and different brand of the stores. interesting or wonderful design of

Stage of cognitive development-piagetian and social cultural

The stage of cognitive development in which children understand the world through their sense and their actions. During what stage do adolescents begin to think logically abo


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