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Assignment 2-Applying Decision-Making Skills

As a manager, part of your role is to develop strategy, and share this strategy with various stakeholders within the organization. This assignment will allow you to take your findings as a manager and communicate these findings to those who are affected.

Your company has been presented with a decision on replacing a piece of equipment for a new computerized version that promotes efficiency for the upcoming year. As manager you will need to decide whether or not the purchase of the new equipment is a worthwhile investment and to communicate your recommendations to Executive Management for a final decision. To be convincing, sufficient support for your recommendations must be provided in order to be considered valid and accepted.

Existing Equipment Original Cost 60,000 Present Book Value 30,000 Annual Cash Operating Costs 145,000 Current Market Value 15,000 Market Value in Ten Years 0 Remaining useful Life 10 years

Replacement Equipment Cost 600,000 Annual Cash Operating Costs 50,000 Market Value in Ten Years 0 Useful Life 10 years

Other Information Cost of Capital 10% Payback requirement 6 years

In this assignment, use the information above to develop a comprehensive analysis using NPV, Payback Method, and IRR to develop a recommendation on replacing the existing equipment with a new computerized version. Develop an executive summary of your findings in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation format to present to Executive Management.

Do the following in your presentation:

• Include a statement of the problem or topic, a concise analysis of the findings, and a recapitulation of any main conclusions or recommendations.

• Be sure to incorporate specific details to highlight or support the summary including calculations.

• Using your knowledge of capital budgeting techniques, explain how principles of capital budgeting, such as the payback method, IRR, and NPV, can be used to assess the potential projects and assist in the decision-making process.

Develop a 10-12 slide presentation in PowerPoint format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use the following file naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M4_A2.ppt.

Reference no: EM132234960

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