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Information Systems

One of the first things you need to do is convince the current owner of SewWorld that he needs to collect data. Here's what you want to get across to him: data are the facts, figures, and details collected about an organization. The data becomes information when it is put into meaningful context. Information systems help develop greater knowledge about the organization if the consumer of the information can manage and manipulate the data in appropriate ways for the enterprise.

Create a PowerPoint presentation 4-5 slides to share with the owner. The presentation should be structured with the following topics addressed:

· Review some of the tools you use, whether at home or in school, that help turn the data you are exposed to into information for making decisions.

· Elaborate further on the definition of information systems by answering the following questions:

o Define data.
o Define information.
o Describe what knowledge is and how it is used to create technology systems.
o How does an information system increase a company's competitive position?

· Identify what kinds of business information SewWorld would likely be interested in storing, retaining, and reporting on.

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