Define autonomy in the context of motivated behavior
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Q1: In your own words, discuss the levels of Maslow's Needs Hierarchy and the varying degrees to which the levels are typically met for an individual. Address whether needs can be categorized and ranked for their potential to motivate behavior.

Q2: Autonomy is regarded as an important psychological need. Define autonomy in the context of motivated behavior. Using your experiences as an example, discuss whether full autonomy and freedom from external forces and pressures are real possibilities in your own life. Discuss what it would (did) take for you to meet or achieve the need for autonomy in your own life.

Q3: Needs range from basic biological needs like food to higher-level cognitive needs like achievement and goal-setting. At what level of the needs continuum do you think awareness impacts the need? Explain your answer and provide at least one example as a demonstration of your perspective on the role of awareness.

Answer the following questions in a single, separate Word document and submit to your instructor. Cite all sources in APA format. Answers should be 200 words.

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