Define and describe allport concept of functional autonomy

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1) Define and describe Allport's concept of functional autonomy. What role does it play in the development of personality (be does functional autonomy shape and/or influence personality)? What is the relationship between our motivation (work motivation, love motivation, exercise motivation, etc.) and our different levels/types of functional autonomy?

2) Using either a) or b) below (it is up to you which one you choose), take a personality test based on the trait model of personality. Please remember to print out your results, as the programs do not allow you to save your results to return to later.



Next write about the following issues:

Briefly describe your results on the five factors of personality (i.e., what was the personality profile the test provided for you?). Be sure to include all five factors. For example, "I scored low on neuroticism, high on extroversion, low on psychoticism, etc..."

Discuss your score on each factor. How and why does your score on each factor reflect or not reflect your understanding of your personality? Be very specific as to why you think the test is incorrect in assessing this aspect of your personality.

Internet resources having to do with the 5-factor model and interpretation of the 5-factors will be very useful to you (hint). You will not pass this question unless you use actual, factual information about the 5-factor model and trait approaches.

If you do not wish to disclose personal information, you may ask a friend, parent, sibling, spouse/partner, etc. to take the test (no one under 18). Then you answer the questions above regarding your understanding/perception of that person.

3.) Think about someone from the following list. At what level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs is this person currently operating? Explain and justify your answer in terms of concepts from Maslow's theory and with examples from the person's life. Be specific; use specific stages and specific concepts to back up your answer.

Barak Obama
Donald Trump
Bill Gates
Taylor Swift
Michael Jackson (at the time of his death)
Your brother/sister

4) The purpose of this question is for students to learn how to apply psychological theories to real-world examples. It is very important for students to gain this skill in this class, and it is a part of every written assignment. The questions about Sway will help you to prepare for your final paper, which will require you to apply theory in several different ways.Remember that your task in this question is to apply the theories to real life situations. Sway gives you a couple of real-life situations in each chapter for you to choose from. Make sure you choose one that you can explain using a theory from class. Application of theory requires answering the question "Why did he/she do that?" using specific, defined concepts from the theory. You can't just say, "Yes, X theorist applies here;" you have to say why the theorist applies. You have to define specific concepts and use them to explain the actions of the person in the chapter.

following to answer with a 400-500 word essay:

a. The third chapter of Sway concerns the concept of value attribution. Define this concept as you understand it from your reading of the book. Use Murray's concepts of needs to explain the concept of value attribution. According to Murray, why would people engage in value attribution? What function does it have in our lives?

Reference no: EM13858252

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