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style: MLA (be certain you cite any sources you use)

film: Hero

Choose one scene from Hero, and one of the following formal elements of film that we've discussed so far, and analyze how that element is used in the scene you've chosen. You may define a scene relatively broadly or relatively narrowly, but I recommend you look for one basically coherent "piece" of the story, and that you focus on less than 5 minutes of film time.

nb: Hero is available on Netflix or can be rented inexpensively through Amazon, if you'd like to re-watch your scene, as I often recommend students do.

formal options
-language (including both dialogue and language that appears diagetically)
-cinematography (you may focus on only camera angles or only camera movement, or both)
-sound (other than music)

(You may not write on the use of color in Hero. Trust me that it is nearly impossible to get past superficial observations on this topic, even though the colors are indeed both interesting and pretty.)

**To get full credit for this assignment, analyze and write specifically: identify specific details (specific moments with specific camera angles, specific sounds used at specific times, etc.) and describe what the effect of those specific details are: how they contribute to the effectiveness of the scene, why you believe the director would have selected those details.**

length: 500-700 words

Reference no: EM131412579

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