Define a global catastrophic risk
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1. Define "population cycle" and state factors that affect population cycle.

2. Define a "global catastrophic risk" and discuss the Potential sources of risk.


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Population cycle

Population cycle is defined as the cycle of rise and fall in population level over a certain time frame. The context is valuable for certain species where the population is possible to determine a predictive pattern based on certain factors. Common factor associated with the changing pattern of population cycle include (Wilson, Krebs & Sinclair, 1999):

• Food availability
Food availability is one of the prime factors that is associated with the availability of resources. The factor linked with population cycle since the scarcity of food in the habitat may lead to deteriorated development and survival of the species. Likewise, increased supplement or excess of food availability can also lead to a rise in population.

• Predator numbers
Predator number is one of the important factors that help in maintaining ecological balance for the population factor. Predator uses to control the population by involving species within the food cycle and feeding on them. On the contrary, when there will be no predator, the corresponding control on the people of the prey species will be less.

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