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1. It is said that system of markets and prices is the most efficient arrangement for coordinating and organizing activities. Do you agree with this statement? Defend your position by using efficiency based analysis? Also discuss why all other allocation schemes such as first-come-first-served, government-determined allocation, and luck might fall short of attaining a level of efficiency compared to that created by the price system. 

Reference no: EM13950611

Calculate jacks minimum net capital gain

Assuming that Jack cannot obtain the 15-year exemption and ignoring the small business rollover concession, calculate Jack's minimum net capital gain on the sale of his busi

The television company sold a set costing

On October 2, 2010, the Television Company sold a set costing $400 to Jones for $600. Jones made a down payment of $150 and agreed to pay $25 the first of each month for 18 mo

Prepare a report on the companys effective tax rate

You could report on any tax related contingencies that might be discussed in the MD&A Section. You could report on the company's effective tax rate. You could report on cash f

Identify who is dependent and who is plaintiff

Explanations of the respective outcomes reached by the courts in the cases which all involving sales of land - Write ISSUE - Reasons for problems. Identify who is dependent an

Prepare the necessary journal entries

Prepare the necessary journal entries for Evergreen for each of the above dates. For transactions involving the sale of merchandise, ignore the entry for the cost of goods s

How much income tax payable did mckinley real estate report

How much income tax payable did McKinley Real Estate report on its balance sheet at December 31, 2013? How much income tax expense did McKinley report on its 2013 income sta

Recognise the net deferred tax liability

What recognition criteria for deferred tax liabilities and assets must Wannon Water meet in order to recognise the net deferred tax liability of $36.879 million in its accou

Determine the amount and nature of lowells gain or loss

Several years ago, Lowell, who is single, acquired 1244 stock in Blue Corporation at a cost of $60,000. He sells the Blue stock for $5,000 in the current year. Determine


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