Decrease in the domestic interest rate

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A decrease in the domestic interest rate causes the demand for domestic assets to shift to the ________ and the domestic currency to ________, everything else held constant.

A. right; appreciate

B. right; depreciate

C. left; appreciate

D. left; depreciate

Reference no: EM13834850

Business travelers have inelastic demand for airline tickets

Business travelers have inelastic demand for airline tickets while vacation travelers have elastic demand. Use two graphs to show what would happen if the government imposes a

Internet-online shopping would affect menu costs inflation

Why might you expect individuals who were unemployed in their 20s to have lower wages at the age of 40 than individuals with identical educational backgrounds but who were not

Consumer do to arrive at a new equilibrium

Suppose a consumer is at an optimum, consuming 6 hamburgers a week at a price of $1.50 each and 10 donuts a week at 50 cents a donut. If the price of a hamburger increases t

Real interest rate higher lowreal interest rate

Given the nominal interest rate of 17?% and the expected inflation of 13?%, then the value of the real interest rate is ___ ? with the real interest rate equal to 3?% and the

Dating committee of the national bureau of economic research

The Business Cycle Dating Committee of The National Bureau of Economic Research is the group that defines when the U.S. economy is in a recession or expansion period. The prim

Term of type of budget and type of economy

Suppose that the economy of an island H is described by the following equations: GDP (Y) = 8000, government expenditures (G) = 600, Taxes (T) = 1000, Consumption (C) = 400 + 3

How much should they increase government spending

The consumption function is C = $800 billion + 0.9YD, where C is consumption spending and YD is disposable income. The government wants to increase output (RGDP) by $40 billio

Will your bank survive this crisis

Your bank has total assets of $220 million and a capital-to-total assets ratio of 7 percent. You learn that your bank’s entire $20 million loan package to Central American nat


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