Decrease in the domestic interest rate

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A decrease in the domestic interest rate causes the demand for domestic assets to shift to the ________ and the domestic currency to ________, everything else held constant.

A. right; appreciate

B. right; depreciate

C. left; appreciate

D. left; depreciate

Reference no: EM13834850

Assumptions of perfect competition hold

If all the assumptions of perfect competition hold, why would firms in such an industry have little incentive to carry out technological change or much research and developmen

The components of aggregate spending

In a certain economy, the components of aggregate spending are given by: C = 100 + 0.9(Y - T) - 500r I = 150 - 1,000r G = 200 NX = 50 T = 100. Given the information about the

Marginal cost of producing this candy is constant

Cadie's Candy Shop (CCS) makes a special kind of candy that has become very popular with its customers. The marginal cost of producing this candy is constant. It is equal to $

What factor does this firm mark up price over marginal cost

A firm has $1,300,000 in sales, a Lerner index of 0.64, and a marginal cost of $40, and competes against 900 other firms in its relevant market. What price does this firm char

What effect will have on demand and supply of loanable funds

Assume there is an increase in taxes by $5 million and no change in government spending. What effect will this have on the demand and supply of loanable funds? Is the change i

Elaborate on my in the monoply case

Can you please elaborate on my in the monoply case the MR curve is below the market demand curve? Also, please elaborate on why the market supply curve is the same as the MC c

Which environment macro-environmental forces

Using the PESTEL method analyze/illustrate why The American Tobacco Company is no longer in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. In other words, which environment macro-environme

What is the natural rate of unemployment for economy

An economy has the following eqn for the Phillips Curve: pi=Epi - .5(u-6) People form expectations of inflation by taking a weighted average of the previous 2 years of inflati


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