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Bo Fang decides to enter a local “beauty” contest at Central Michigan University> All comers are welcome. In the past, the contest was limited only to females. However, in view of the supreme court decision authorizing same sex marriage, the contest is now open to all genders. The contest entry from enumerates the terms and conditions for all contests. Each participant must pay an entry fee of $ 250 with the winner taking home a grand prize of $10,000. There is a talent portion for the contest as well as open ended interview questions. The form has a statement that provides “all decisions by our judges is FINAL. There are no appeals of the selection of the winner. Each contestant sponsors, judges, hosts, and those persons assisting in putting on the contest is waived by the contestants when they sign the entry form”. Bo Fang finishes dead last, even losing to an 89 year old, one eyed, male. Due to the shame of losing, he suffers a heart attack and dies. The organizers of the contest are sued by Bo Fang’s surviving family members for his death. DISUCC AND DECIDE ALL ISSUES.

Reference no: EM131272308

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