Decide to convert their sole proprietorship

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Why do many entrepreneurs initially set up their business as sole proprietorship why do many successful entrepreneurs eventually decide to convert their sole proprietorship to some other form of ownership such as a corporation or LLC?

Reference no: EM13905560

Require employers to pay their employees while on leave

Currently the FMLA does not require employers to pay their employees while on leave. There is interest in many states and municipalities to require employers to pay employees

How are integrated paid time off policies

When did UAW come to GM and what is the status today? How are integrated paid time off policies different then holiday, vacation, sick leave, and personally policies?

Dell-ethical conduct

Dell recently committed itself to becoming a more environmentally sustainable business. After reviewing the About Dell section of its website (

Environmental management system

You are asked to explain whether or not your organization (industrial manufacturing of furniture) should pursue ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management syst

Assessing a firms value creation

Select a unique example of a company, not discussed in the text. Identify and assess a major value creation activity evident in the firm's value chain. What makes the way they

Suppose stock had an initial price

Suppose a stock had an initial price of $ 72 per share, paid a dividend of $ 1.20 per share during the year, and had an ending share price of $ 79. Compute the percentage tota

Companys leadership focus on to achieve strategic position

Summarize your recommendations to the CEO and board of directors on how to improve strategy at Procter and Gamble. Be sure to answer the following questions: What will Procter

Evaluate the effectiveness of the organizational structure

Analyze and synthesize inconsistencies between the Proctor and Gamble's strategy and its goals. Does the strategy establish a direction and set aspirations that motivate and


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