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In the cas Palmer v. Champion Mortgage Palmer received a debt-consolidation loan from Champion. When she signed the loan agreement, she also received the required TILA disclosures. Several day later Palmer received copies of the documents and a notice of her right to cancel under TILA which permitted her to cancel within three business days of three different dates stated in the document. Over a year later Palmer filed to cancel the transaction claiming the time frames given to her in the TILA disclosures were too confusing. The court held that Palmer could?

Reference no: EM13771251

Describe this technology by mathematical function

The firm requires at least 10 units of input A or 2 units of input B in order to produce 1 unit of output Y. Describe this technology by mathematical function. Draw the produc

Supply and demand for loanable funds

The following graph shows the market for loanable funds in a closed economy. The upward-sloping orange line represents the supply of loanable funds, and the downward-sloping b

Define the term industry

Define the term, INDUSTRY, in detail as it pertains to economic organization. Do all firms in an industry have the same amount of financial risk associated with them? Explain.

The heckscher-ohlin model is best-suited

Suppose someone stated that the Heckscher-Ohlin model is best-suited for explaining trade between developed countries and developing countries, while newer theories such as th

What is this? consumers level of? income

Consumer spends all of her income? (Y) on two goods Z and B. The price of good (PB?) is ?$8. The Marginal Rate of Transformation MRT is equal to −2. That is 2 units of good B

Compute marys utility maximizing consumption bundle

Suppose Mary’s utility function for two goods X and Y is given by: U(X,Y) = 2X1/2Y1/2. Suppose consumption bundle A consists of 10 units of X and 10 units of Y, and consumptio

Manufacturing company purchased electrical services

A manufacturing company purchased electrical services for the next 5 years to be paid for with $70,000 now. The service after 5 years will be $15,000 per year beginning with t

Consider the cobb-douglass function

Consider the Cobb-Douglass function f(x1, x2) = (x1) α(x2) β , where α and β are both constants strictly between 0 and 1. Pick any values for α and β such that α + β


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