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CKG Auto runs several promotions each year to reward their three dealerships for their sales efforts. CKG Auto is running two different promotions based on performance over this past calendar year. The promotions are as follows:

  • rebate on shipping expenses based on exceeding expected quarterly volumes. These are saving CKG Auto realizes from its trucking carriers and has decided to pass along as a reward to dealerships that have exceeded expectations. Rebates for each quarter were set by management as follows:
    • 1st quarter, $75 per car sold (actual volume);
    • 2nd quarter, $109 per car sold;
    • 3rd quarter, $88 per car sold; and
    • 4th quarter, $122 per car sold.

Dealerships are awarded the rebate on a quarter-by-quarter basis, only for quarters where their actual sales exceeded expected volumes for that quarter. Expected sales volumes for each quarter are as follows:

  • 1st Quarter, 300
  • 2nd Quarter, 425
  • 3rd Quarter, 410
  • 4th Quarter, 320
  • An overall sales volume bonus based on exceeding expected annual volumes. Dealerships that exceed the expected annual sales volume by at least 10% are awarded a $15,000 bonus, otherwise no bonus is awarded.

You have been asked to develop a program that will allow the district sales manager to input each of the dealership's ID along with their four quarterly sales volumes for the year, calculate and display each quarter's rebate and the sales bonus for the year.

Validate the quarterly sales volume to ensure that values are greater than zero. If any of the 4 values are invalid, display an error message and allow the manager to input the 4 values again.



Reference no: EM13162722

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