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A single replicate of a 24 Exercise 10.2 factorial is run. The results in standard order are 1.106, 2.295, 7.074, 6.931, 4.132, 2.148, 10.2, 10.12, 3.337, 1.827, 8.698, 6.255, 3.755, 2.789, 10.99, and 11.85. Analyze the data to determine the important factors and find which factor-level combination should be used to maximize the response.

Reference no: EM131093660

Determine mean driving distance of golfers

Golf course designers are concerned that the old courses are becoming obsolete because new equipment enables golfers to hit the ball so far. One designer believes the new co

Probability that february energy consumption level is high

A standard deviation of 218 KWh. For a randomly selected home, find the probability that the February energy consumption level is greater than 1,000 KWh.

Is it appropriate to use the normal approximation

Under what conditions is it appropriate to use the normal approximation to the binomial distribution in constructing the confidence interval for the population proportion?

Hypothesis testing of national survey of restaurant

A national survey of restaurant employees found that 75% said work stress had a negative impact on their personal lives. A sample of 100 employees from a popular restaurant

Possible outcomes of the experiment

A quality control inspector selects a part to be tested. The part is then declared acceptable, repairable, or scrapped. Then another part is tested. List the possible outcom

Hypothesis testing example for anova

Give a work example and perform a hypothetical 2 population hypothesis test. Create a scenario and do a hypothesis testing example for ANOVA. Give the result and explain what

Create a histogram of the time until first failure

Create a histogram of the time until first failure for this type of disc player.- Then find a 95% confidence interval for the mean time until failure for this type of disc pla

Significantly higher proportion of satisfied customer

At the 5% level of significance, can we infer that branch A has a significantly higher proportion of satisfied customers than branch B?


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