Cycle of socialization to the cycle of liberation
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Exploring Your Bias:

During week 5, you explored your bias( participation of immigrant and diverse families in the U.S. Schools)at a deeper level by identifying your current comfort level and creating a plan to move to the next level of comfort. For this assignment write a reflection paper in response to what you learned from you experience, including your response to the following questions:

What have you learned about yourself through this process of "going deeper"?

In what ways has this experienced shift you from the Cycle of Socialization to the Cycle of Liberation?

What insights does this provide you with regard to the significance of Anti-bias education and your role in becoming a more anti-biased educator, individual, and member of society?

What are your continue thoughts with regard to the ways in which bias and discomfort influence children''s identities and continued development?

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Readiness for Diversity and Social Justice Figure 7.1 on p 53.
Review: Harro''s "Cycle of Liberation."
Developing Positive Identities: Diversity and Young children.
Achieving a Resilient Identity pp.48-51.


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This is a 600 words assignment that talks about exploring the bias ( participation of immigrant and diverse families in the U.S. Schools) at a deeper level by identifying the current comfort level and creating a plan to move to the next level of comfort. In many cases it has been seen that the occurrence of bias could be either real or perceived from the internal or external environments. The process of “Going Deeper” signifies the in-depth analysis of the issue identified

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