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Adjustment Refusals / Chapter 8

1. As a customer service representative for a manufacturer of upscale kitchen appliances, you're going to have to say no to Janet Hay's request for a refund. According to the handwritten note she included with the food processor that she just shipped back to you via UPS, she had mail ordered the item almost three months ago, when it was on sale. She had then stored it until her niece's wedding. But when the niece got around to using the food processor, it made a weird sound and gave off an electrical smell. So Ms. Hay has sent it back and is asking for a refund to her credit card.

The problem is that Ms. Hay has waited too late to make this return. As the packing slip said, any defective products need to be returned within 60 days of purchase. After that, there is nothing you can do except recommend an authorized repair center.

Write to Ms. Hay to give her the bad news. See if you can figure out how to keep her goodwill and her future business. You'll also need to resolve what to do with the defective food processor she returned.

How can I rewrite this paragraph using under the instruction?

Indirect Plan for Adjustment Refusals:

Begin with words that are on subject, neutral, and that set up the message

Present the strategy that will explain or justify

Make it factual and positive

Lead systematically to the refusal

Then refuse – clearly and positively

End with off-subject, friendly words

Reference no: EM131039911

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