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Netscrape Communications does not currently pay a dividend. You expect the company to begin paying a $4.8 per share dividend in 14 years, and you expect dividends to grow perpetually at 6.3 percent per year thereafter. If the discount rate is 15 percent, how much is the stock currently worth? (Do not round intermediate calculations. Round your answer to 2 decimal places. Omit the "$" sign in your response.)

Reference no: EM131057218

What amount of pension fund reserves

A pension plan has promised to pay out $25 million per year over the next 15 years to its employees. Actuaries estimate the rate of return on the fund's assets will be 5.50 pe

Considering purchasing new machine

Builtrite is considering purchasing a new machine that would cost $60,000 and the machine would be depreciated (straight line) down to $0 over its five year life. At the end o

Hypothetical treasury securities

Consider the following five hypothetical Treasury securities. What is the implied 1.5 spot rate obtained using bootstrapping? Compare your answer is part (a) to the 1.5 year p

What is the max price you can pay for house

You and your spouse wish to buy a house. Together you make $60,000 gross (before taxes) per year. You loan officer said your house payment (principal and interest) cannot exce

Compare to current yield-to-maturity on a one-year strips

Use the following information to answer the next question: U.S. Treasury STRIPS, close of business Aug 15, 2016: According to the pure expectations theory of interest rates, h

What was the price of the option

With the price of the stock at $60 per share, a put option is purchased with an exercise price of $58 per share. The option is exercised after the stock is purchased at $52 pe

Which rate of return does the investor expect to receive

A company's common stock is currently selling for $54 per share. Last year, the company paid dividends of $2.98 per share. The projected growth at a rate of dividends for this

Use rounded numbers in intermediate calculations

You expect to receive $41,000 at graduation in two years. You plan on investing it at 9.25 percent until you have $176,000. Required: How long will you wait from now? (Enter r


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