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Please write a short essay about the information technologies that are or will be important to your current or future job.  Also, discuss how you plan to improve your skills with those technologies. Use job search websites to identify the skills required for jobs that interest you.  As part of your response, discuss the fractions of jobs reviewed with Excel or Office listed.



Reference no: EM13810842

Once prestigious commodities brokerage firm

Mary had worked as a broker for Univerasal, a once prestigious commodities brokerage firm, for over 20 years before she was laid off after the firm filed for bankruptcy in the

What was the labor productivity

Last week employees at Renee's Fashions worked 360 hours to produce 128 garments. Of these, 8 were seconds which were sold at the outlet store for $90 each. The remaining 12

Discuss some of the compensation issues

Explain and discuss some of the compensation issues to be addressed when dealing with the compensation of expatriates; and how do you best maintain a competitive advantage.

People with flexible medical-life and disability benefits

Trustmark provides more than 2 million people with flexible medical, life, and disability benefits and fitness and wellness services. The company, headquartered in Lake Forest

Agencies listed as finalist handles competitor of blue tiger

Blue Tiger becomes aware that one of the agencies listed as a finalist handles a competitor of Blue Tiger. The ad features elaborate singing and dancing. The song’s key lyrics

Probabilities of various caseloads

The director of social services of a county has learned that the state has mandated additional infor- mation requirements. This will place an additional burden on the agency.

Natural ability or acquired skill

Explain whether you regard critical thinking and reasoning as a learned skill and/or natural disposition. Of the two, which is more important, a natural ability or acquired sk

Blending a diverse workforce and post the article

You are required to research and choose articles relevant to blending a diverse workforce and post the article or link to an article for everyone to read. The post must incl


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