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Current Business Articles Assignments:

  1. Business Articles: This is a two to three page summary (excluding title page and reference page) in APA format of a recent business article from the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Barons, Fortune Magazine, (business),, or a like business periodical.
    1. Pick an article not more than 4 weeks old about any relevant business topic.
    2. Provide complete reference information on the article including title, author/reporter, date, periodical, location in the periodical (page, etc.).(Must be in APA format.)
    3. Provide a two to three page summary of the article discussing at least 3 major points presented. (Must be in APA format.)
    4. You are to relate the article to 3 points from the course. You need to clearly define how those points relate to the article in your paper. This assignment is not just summarizing articles.

Reference no: EM13990761

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