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Part 1: Answer Part 1 in a separate thread from Part 2. Part 1 should be answered early in the week if possible. Part 1 should be completed before you start your readings or other assignments; answer Part 1 from your own experiences and can't be wrong 

Why may a culture value expensive cures for a disease, but not cheap preventative care? 

Part 2: Answer Part 2 after you have completed all assignments for the week in a new thread. Make sure you cite your resources..

Generate a plan for moving a nation to accepting preventative programs more regularly than expensive cures. In this plan make sure to:

  1. Take into consideration the cultural norms that may impact a society's willingness to accept the plan.

  2. Explain how this plan will impact the society  in the short term by stalling the vicious cycle of poverty.

  3. Explain how this plan will impact the society in the long term.

  4. Using already established health organizations, utilize in your plan, at least one of these organizations in executing your plan.

Reference no: EM131177883

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