Cross-cultural psychology introduction

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Cross-cultural psychology is concerned not only with differences between cultural groups, but also with commonalities or similarities between cultural groups. Which do you believe is most important - to understand the differences, or to understand the commonalities? Why? What does one learn from these experiences? Please provide a minimum of 200 words.

Reference no: EM1352255

Multiculturalism and ethics

Psychologists need for professional development particularly in the area of multiculturalism and ethics. A discussion of the need for cultural competency and ethics such as

Immigrant cultures still practice infibulation

What happens when a client's belief system and that of the therapist are in significant conflict with each other? For example, although it is illegal in the US, some immigra

Appropriate culture-based agency

Would a therapist in my area show the greatest professional competence by referring his or her client out to the appropriate culture-based agency rather than working with hi

Japanese culture express emotions through their eyes

Do people in the Japanese culture express emotions through their eyes more than other cultures, or do they read others'emotions based on the other persons' eyes, more than p

Cultural norms and universality

Can we assume when working with an individual from a diverse culture that all cultural norms apply universally to all people from that culture? Can we gain greater understan

Cultures pertaining to child birth

What are the three most important concepts you have learned about different cultures pertaining to child birth and how other cultures are different from the customs of the U

Etiquette as a form of non-verbal communication

When looking at manners or etiquette as a form of non-verbal communication, are there differences between cultures as to whose comfort or preferences take precedence (the ho

Proxemics in countries

How do proxemics in other countries compare with proxemicsin the U.S.? Are there regional differences within America regarding the acceptable distances maintained between pe


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