Critically reflect your understanding of nutritional advices
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The main purpose of this RP is to critically reflect your understanding of the "Nutritional advices for Children with Diabetes". This RP must have 6 pages, including cover page and references, and be presented on APA format


Students will critically evaluate the existing publications related to this RP topic. This assignment is planned to help you review, understand, and apply different concepts related to " Nutritional advices for Children with Diabetes" concepts, as well as to become familiar with the new trends related to " Nutritional advices for Children with Diabetes "

You need to read two different articles related to the topic that can be found at the FNU's Library- database LIRN. Librarian Assistants will be more than glad to assist you at both, South and Hialeah Campus. Access code for LIRN is 24439. In preparing the RP, you are also allowed to use two web references, although all the publications and references used should be properly cited and included in the reference section following the APA format guidelines.


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In the current assignment, nutritional advice for the children with diabetes have been suggested. The types of diabetes that are common amongst the children and the cause of the same has been explored. The various nutritional advice that can be provided to the children, have been explored in the assignment.

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    my access is in LIRN And my access code for LIRN os 24439  It is best platform to do your assignment work. The quality of work is the best. Provide supporting documents and leave the rest on them, they wont let you feel down. This is what I like most in this service. I am scoring good with their help. thanks once more to such good service.

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    This RP must have 6 pages, including cover page and references, and be presented on APA format The maximum similarity allowed with other publications is no more than 20%. Also I highly recommend you to ask Ms. Iliana Torres, at the HC Writing Lab room 413, her assistance in completing this research paper.

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